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Best epilator in india 2016-2017

Hello ladie! we know that every ladie dont like much hair on her body so that she used to do regular waxing or shaving, or by using body creme and another one is latest device use that is epilator. I dont know have you heard about it but for those who are new to epilation i will explain it bit.

What is epilator?

A epilator is tiny hair removal device that remove hair from roots,with its tiny ceramic/metallic tweezers. It is very user friendly to use.
The rotating tweezer remove hair from the root, a bunch of hair is from a single pass.
After using epilator you can have a smooth skeen for two-three weeks,upto a month.

Advantages of epilator

  •   Smooth silk skeen for longer time.
  •   Epilation method is very cheap
  •   More efficient than shaving or waxing.
  •   It is simple to use.

Best epilators for women in india

Now there is a hundreds of epilator models are available in market so we get confuse which one to choose for us and the task gets little confusing. So for your sake of convenience we have provided a list of top 5 best epilator in india to help you to pic perfect best model of epilator. Have a look at them.

Top 5 best epilator In India

1.Braun Silk Epil 7/7951 Epilator

braun silk epil 

The braun silk epil comes with Sonic exfoliation technology which sends more than 3000 micro vibration per minute. Althought it has a close grip technology which removes hair of size short as grain of sands.

It comes with 40 tweezers systems having ergonomic angle which enables to epilate on all parts of body. 

the best things about this epilator is we can use this in shower or will work well in both dry and wet conditions.

2.Philips Satinelle Epilator HP6421/00, Legs & Body

philips satinelle epilator reviews

This is the most popular epilator and its price is very affordable. it is well designed long corded epilator comes with the gentle tweezing disk which removes very short hair as 0.5mm. 

It has a two speed setting to get extra speed and to reach sensitive areas.another best thing is its epilation head is washable,this epilator gives long lasting smoothness.  

3.Philips BRE200/00 Satinelle Essential Epilator

philips bre200/00 price

Philips bre200 epilator has a 20 tweezers that removes hair from root and prevent faster regrowth of hair.

The rounded shape of epilator fits perfectly in your hand and can be use in different parts of body because of its ergonomic grip. it has a washable epilation head, also provided with cleaning brush and sensitive cap to reach out small areas. this epilator gives long lasting result.

4.Braun Silk Epil 5/5280 Epilator
braun silk 5/5280 review

Braun silk 5280 epilator specially designed for efficient and extra gentle hair removal. 

It comes with 40 tweezer which removes hair from root and contains a high comfort massage system that reduce pain after going through that  epilated area.

The full device is washable and having smart light that simply guide your way during epilation process,it also have cooling glove which cools the skin before epilation.

5.Philips HP6382/20 Bikini Trimmer

philips bikni trimmer price

Philips bikini trimmer is designed to trim areas like bikini lines to give it perfect include click on comb, mini shaving head, bikini trimming head. 

After using the trimming head use the mini shaving head for beautiful shape. 

you can use it anywhere, anytime in both wet and dry conditions freely. it also include cleaning brush for fast cleaning.

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